How to Play LIVE Fantasy?

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4 min readNov 29, 2023

LIVE Fantasy is a game where the goal is to predict which players will perform well during live matches, and you can win real cash based on your predictions. To make these predictions, you need to buy units of players.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play:

Step 1: Buy Units of Players

  • Your first move is to purchase units of players whom you believe will end up in the Top 3 Fantasy Ranks. The ranks are decided based on Players’ Fantasy Points.
  • The contest requires you to predict Top 3 Players, that means the total prize pool, for example Rs.60,000 will be divided between 3 ranks [Rs.20,000 each rank]
  • If your predictions are correct, you earn Real Cash based on Winning Per Unit. So, essentially, you’re investing in the success of specific players.

Step 2: Check Winning Per Unit

  • Each player unit comes with a potential win prize.
  • Current Winning Per Unit = 1/3 of Prize Pool ÷ Current Units Sold
  • Minimum Winning Per Unit = 1/3 of Prize Pool ÷ All Units Sold
  • The fewer units sold for a particular player, the higher the potential winnings per unit. If you buy units of low popularity player and he performs well and ends up in Top 3 Fantasy Rankers, then you get higher returns per unit.
  • So, strategic decisions on which players to invest in and how many units to buy are crucial.

Step 3: Own or Rent Player Cards

  • To buy units, you need player cards. If you don’t have cards, you can acquire these cards by purchasing them with a simple click or even renting Common cards for FREE (if you are a new user).
  • Owning or Renting player cards is a key step in participating in the LIVE Fantasy game.

Step 4: Buy Units of Multiple Players

  • To increase your chances of winning, it’s recommended to buy units for at least 4–6 different players. This diversification enhances your winning potential.

Step 5: Buy & Sell Units During Live Matches

  • Once you’ve assembled your Units, you can actively engage in the game by buying and selling it during the live match.
  • This trading aspect allows you to maximize your earnings based on the real-time performance of players.
  • For example, if M. Shami is #7 Fantasy Ranker in IND vs AUS match and you buy his Units at cheap price (Rs.10 / Unit) but later he takes hattrick and ends up in Top 3 Fantasy Ranks, then you get higher return on that Unit based on Current Win Per Unit (Rs.40 / Unit)
  • After the match has ended, you will receive Real Cash winnings based on Current Win Per Unit only for the Top 3 Rank players whose Units you hold

Step 6: PRO-TIP ~ Owning Cards is Cost-Effective

  • As a tip, owning player cards is generally more cost-effective than renting them. So, consider buying cards or packs to start your LIVE Fantasy journey with right tone!

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