GST-FREE Deposits on Striker 🏆

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2 min readSep 30, 2023


Yes, you read that correctly!

This is the update everyone has been asking to share, and it’s about time! ⌛️

Once GST on deposit kicks in tonight, Striker will be absorbing it entirely.

For example, if on a deposit of ₹100, ₹21.88 is to be paid by Striker as GST, we will be offering a cashback of ₹21.88, so the user has the full ₹100 to spend on the platform.

That also means the new GST changes will NOT be impacting you in any way and Deposits on Striker become GST-FREE!

Isn’t that a great news? 🔥

Let’s see how the GST cashback will work on Striker!

  • You Deposit money in your Striker Wallet
  • GST gets deducted on the Deposit
  • You receive Cashback of the same value as deducted GST

And even great news? The Cashback that you receive will be in the form of Real Money instead of a Cash Bonus!

That definitely sets Striker apart from others 🤝

Striker has always been dedicated to providing its users with a top-notch gaming experience, and its response to the introduction of GST on deposits is a testament to that commitment.

By providing cashback equivalent to the deducted GST amount, Striker ensures that you can continue to enjoy your activities on Striker without any financial concerns.

So, go ahead and immerse yourself in the exciting world of fantasy on Striker, and let the cashbacks take care of the GST worries. It’s a win-win for all Striker users!



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