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3 min readNov 6, 2023


Today we’ve got some important news to share with you. As we continue to grow and evolve, we’re making significant changes to our in-game economy.

The big news is that we are saying goodbye to our in-game currency, GGT (Good Game Token). This is part of the changes to our services that were informed earlier in October.

We’re replacing GGT with Real Cash as the primary currency for HP Buying & Crafting activities, and it all begins on 8th November midnight.

What’s Changing?

GGT Removal and Conversion: GGT, which was previously used for HP (Health Points) purchases and Card Crafting, as well as being bought or sold in the market for real cash, will no longer be part of the ecosystem 8th November midnight onwards. However, all your existing GGT balance will be automatically converted into Cash Balance at the rate of 1 GGT = Rs. 22.

What Does This Mean for You?

Simplified Gameplay: With the transition to real cash for these transactions, players will no longer have to juggle multiple currencies for HP buying and crafting, simplifying the gameplay experience.

Enhanced Transparency: By switching to real cash, players will have a clearer understanding of the value of in-game items and purchases. This change simplifies the way you interact with the game, creating a more transparent experience.

Faster Progression: With real cash as the primary currency, players will be able to directly invest in their favorite player cards, acquire HP, and craft higher rarity cards more efficiently. This change should make it easier for everyone to progress and compete at their own pace.

What’s New in Striker Club?

Direct Usage of Cash: Users can now directly use Real Cash for HP purchases and card crafting, eliminating the need for GGT in these activities.

Earn Cash Bonus as Trade Rewards: Users will receive 20 Cash Bonus as Trade Rewards for trade value of Rs.400. In one day, users can earn a maximum of 200 Cash Bonus.* (Subject to Change*)

  • Please note, the trades happening 8th November 5:30PM onwards will be considered for Cash Bonus trade rewards.
  • There will be no rewards given to the users who are doing irregular trading between their own accounts just to gain GGTs in next two days

Use Cash Bonus for Discounts: You can use Cash Bonus to get discounts on HP purchases and card crafting.

We understand that this update is pivotal, and we want to ensure that this transition to real cash, with the conversion of existing GGT, will ultimately enhance the Striker Club experience for all of our players.

Now, you might have some questions about this update and how will it impact the app, so we have already prepared some FAQs and their answers for you below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the benefit of GGT removal for users?
Simplified Gameplay: No need to juggle with multiple currencies. Just use Real cash everywhere!

Enhanced Transparency: It will clarify in-game item values in Real cash for a transparent experience.

Faster Progression: Real cash enables quicker player card investment, HP acquisition, and efficient crafting for faster progression and competition compared to GGT.

How much cash bonus can I receive for trading per day? Is there any restriction?
You will receive 20 Cash Bonus as Trade Reward on the trade value of Rs.400. In one day, you can earn maximum of 200 Cash Bonus.

When will I receive cash bonus at the end of the day or instantly?
You will receive Cash Bonus in the evening at 5:30 PM

Will Cash Bonus have the same value as GGT?
Yes, because we are increasing the utility of Cash Bonus. It will be as valuable as GGTs for core players because of the discounts that you will be able to avail on HP buys and Crafting. For real cash, you can continue playing on Fantasy and LIVE Fantasy.

Can I buy Cash Bonus?
No, you cannot buy Cash Bonus

Can I sell Cash Bonus?
No, you cannot sell Cash Bonus

Will there be any change in the expiry of Cash Bonus?
No, there won’t be any change in expiry of Cash Bonus. It will remain 7 days only.



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