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3 min readJul 28, 2023


Hey everyone,

A few days back, we had asked our community to send us their questions and queries about the new Balancing Update. We have collated all of those queries and formed this FAQ document to give you all more clarity on the update and why it is important.

1. Why the amount of crafting and hp prices has been increased?

With the new balancing update, the ability of Common and Rare cards to get higher ranks will increase as these cards will be used in higher prize pool contests and prices of Legendary and Striker cards will reduce slightly as the rarity multipliers have been adjusted for higher rarities. Keeping this in mind , the crafting requirements of Rare cards have been increased and Epic/Legendary/Striker cards have been reduced.

2. Why the base prices of the card have been reduced? Now the card is equal to Nothing.

Post the balancing update, there will be impact on prices of all cards of all rarities as the earning potential of each card will change either positively or negatively. We have reduced the base price temporarily for a week, so that we get a sense of market-price adjustment. We will change/re-adjust the base prices again after 3–4 days.

3. The current prize pool is not enough for Legendary, Striker card. Can you fix it?

We understand that few Legendary and Striker cards might be negatively impacted because of the balancing update. If the prices are negatively impacted massively, then we will introduce a compensation plan for users who will be negatively impacted. Do keep in mind that all these changes are done to make the game simpler and more strategic for the users.

4. How do we win with a Common card against Legendary and Striker?

The revised rarity multiplier give the lower rarity cards opportunity to win the rewards if they pick the right team. For eg. in the IND vs WI match 50 teams of the top 100 teams were with only Common cards or with 1 rare card.

5. The card’s rarity points were higher in the past, but they are now lower. What is the need to use my higher rarity cards now?

Your higher rarity card will give you a higher multiplier for your team. If you have selected the right team then you will be ranked higher and you will earn higher reward if you have Legendary cards or Striker cards.

6. Where is Head to Head (H2H) contest?

We are figuring out the right configurations for the balancing update we have introduced. Once the update is stable and market has adjusted for the same then we will start introducing more contests.

7. Why has there been no solution For 0HP cards till now?

There is a solution for 0HP cards. You can refill the HP and play again. We are not promoting usage of 0HP cards — as our ability to distribute rewards increases if we also earn money to distribute the money. Otherwise the system will not be able to sustain.

8. What are the benefits for new users? Why packs prices have increased after the new update

With the revised update, Common and Rare cards will be able to win rewards from larger pool. Hence, the prices of the packs have been adjusted. However, we are figuring out an approach to make the overall pack formats affordable for the users.

9. 1 HP of a Legendary Card is about Rs.1000. And 1st prize is 750 rupees. There are also no multiple entries in Mini Fantasy now.

We have taken the feedback, and we will try and incorporate the changes as feasible.

10. Why is the win rate so low in some Pro Contest matches?

We’ve looked into the feedback, and we’ll make sure to fix it in the next matches.



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