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8 min readJul 24, 2023


We’re thrilled to share some amazing news with all of you!

As announced last week, our development team has been working hard on a balancing update to enhance your gaming experience on Striker. Your valuable feedback and support have been instrumental in shaping these changes, and we can’t wait to unveil them.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the exciting changes coming your way in this Balancing Update:

1. New Fantasy Contest Format: Bigger and Better!

We’re shaking things up with our new Mega Contest! This will be a single, marquee event with a much larger prize pool, promising even more excitement and rewards. The best part is that you can now add cards of all rarities, from Common to Striker, in your team.

You can either add all 5 Common cards or a mix of all Rarities. Please note that you can add only Legendary or Striker card in same team at a time.

2. New Card Rarity Multipliers: Unleashing Strategy!

We’re revamping the card rarity multipliers to ensure that every decision you make counts. This change will add depth to your team-building strategies, encouraging you to think carefully about the cards you include in your lineup.

Card Multipliers will be as follows:

Common : 1x point
Rare : 1.1x Points
Epic : 1.2x Points
Legendary : 1.35x Points
Striker : 1.5x Points

Get ready to strategize, outsmart your opponents, and achieve victory like never before!

3. One Card, Multiple Contests: Embrace the Challenge!

An exciting new feature is on its way! You can now use the same card across multiple contests. It opens up endless possibilities for experimentation and creativity in your team-building. However, there’s a twist!

Each time you add the card in your team, your Health Points (HP) will be deducted. The upside is that you’ll earn Experience Points (XP) every time you use the card, bringing you closer to leveling up by Crafting.

We believe these updates will bring a fresh wave of excitement to Striker. Our aim is to create a balanced and enjoyable experience for all players, and your involvement in this process is highly valued.

The much-anticipated balancing update will be rolling out this week. Be sure to keep an eye out for it! We can’t wait to see how you adapt to the changes and excel in the revamped format of Striker.

Thank you for being an integral part of this community. Your passion for our game fuels our drive to continually improve and deliver the best experience possible.

Now, we understand that you may have some questions about the upcoming balancing update, so here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help address any uncertainties.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Balancing Update ?

This is an update to enhance gameplay mechanics, such as card multipliers, crafting requirements, and, notably, the prize pool. By implementing these adjustments, our primary goal is to create a more equitable and enjoyable experience for all players, ensuring fairness and inclusivity.

2. What is going to change in Balancing Update?

Balancing update will have following changes -
1. New Fantasy Contest Format
2. New Card Rarity Multipliers
3. One Card, Multiple Contests

3. What is the need for Balancing Update? What is the benefit to existing users?

Balancing updates are introduced at timely intervals for all games to make the game fair and competitive.

- Balancing update will allow us to run a large marquee grand contests —
1. Merging all contests into one single contest will provide opportunity to win big, multiple contests merged into one single contest, as the prize pool will be higher.
2. All users will have a level playing field to gun for the bigger prize pools

- Balancing update will ensure that we value both strategy and grind -
1. Changing the rarity multipliers will reduce the unrealistic advantage a higher rarity card gets even if the player performance is not that great. So selecting the right player will become important.
2. However, with revised multipliers — for a player who is performing well, a higher rarity card will still give you significant advantage over lower rarity cards. And can help you in garnering much higher rewards.

4. Why there are no separate contests in the game?

Merging all separate contests into one single contest gives us opportunity to run higher prize pool contests, and all users can participate in that single contest and aim for the higher prize pool.

5. The game now favours the Striker card owners, me as a low rarity player have very low chances of winnings. How is the game fair to all the users?

The rarity multipliers and prize pool distribution is designed in a way that if a user selects a good-performing Common card team then it can easily beat an average-performing team with Striker card. This makes the game more strategic.

6. How are card combination requirements for contest decided?

It is created in a way to ensure a fair winning potential for all rarity of cards.

7. Why are rarity multipliers being changed?

The multipliers of rarities will be changed,
- To make the game competitive, fair and more strategic.
- With updated multipliers, a strong team of lower-rarity cards can also beat a higher-rarity team thereby giving weightage to both user’s strategy and grind.

8. Are you planning to introduce more utilities of the card apart from fantasy/mini-fantasy, trading, crafting and renting?

Yes, we have plans to introduce more utilities for the cards in the future. We will be announcing a new game soon. It will be available within the current Striker app.

9. What is the benefit for me to craft now?

Playing with a higher rarity card provides you with higher chances to win the top ranks in the game. Additionally, while crafting you get cards at a discount by burning your XP (You get the benefit of your grind).

10. What all configurations would be allowed for participation?

Following are simple rules with respect to configuration rules:
1. Upto 5 Common cards, No more than 1 Rare ,Epic, Legendary and Striker
2. Epic, Legendary and Striker card cannot be used simultaneously in team creation
3. Multipler change: Rare is 1.1X, Epic is 1.2X, legendary is 1.35X, Striker is 1.5X

11. Will captain multipler change? Are we introducing any other multiplier in team creation step?

Rest of the team creation flow remains same, i.e., selection of 5 cards, assigning 1 player as Captain and registering the team is same as before.

12. It looks like people with higher rarity cards have undue advantage. How will different users with varying cards portfolio have fair chance to win in contest?

To ensure fairness, multipliers are balanced in a way that skilled fantasy players have a fair chance to win in larger prize pool contests. Also, the new configuration constraints and multipliers are set to distribute the prize pool more evenly among user. This will increase game’s strategic element, providing equal opportunities to skilled players and reducing the impact of card portfolio constraints.

For example, Striker and Common rarity Captain both has the same 1.5x multiplier. Therefore a good Common card if selected as a Captain is as powerful as Striker card.

13. If all configurations have fair chance to win, then what is the benefit of Crafting or buying higher rarity cards?

After selecting the right set of cards, higher rarity cards will provide an added advantage over lower rarity cards, allowing users to earn greater rewards and perform better in the game.

14. What changes are made for Mini-Fantasy in Balancing Update?

Mini-Fantasy is now merged with Fantasy. However, the same contests will continue. Also, 1 team can be registered only with 1 entry from now on and unlimited teams can be created.

15. Can a card be used in multiple contests at the same time?

Yes, the card can now be used to make teams across multiple contests. For example, if you have V. Kohli Card and you use it in Mega contest, you can still use it to make teams in other contests. This change is brought in to give advantage to card holders.

Follow-Up Questions from Community, 28th July

1. Why the amount of crafting and hp prices has been increased?

With the new balancing update, the ability of Common and Rare cards to get higher ranks will increase as these cards will be used in higher prize pool contests and prices of Legendary and Striker cards will reduce slightly as the rarity multipliers have been adjusted for higher rarities. Keeping this in mind , the crafting requirements of Rare cards have been increased and Epic/Legendary/Striker cards have been reduced.

2. Why the base prices of the card have been reduced? Now the card is equal to Nothing.

Post the balancing update, there will be impact on prices of all cards of all rarities as the earning potential of each card will change either positively or negatively. We have reduced the base price temporarily for a week, so that we get a sense of market-price adjustment. We will change/re-adjust the base prices again after 3–4 days.

3. The current prize pool is not enough for Legendary, Striker card. Can you fix it?

We understand that few Legendary and Striker cards might be negatively impacted because of the balancing update. If the prices are negatively impacted massively, then we will introduce a compensation plan for users who will be negatively impacted. Do keep in mind that all these changes are done to make the game simpler and more strategic for the users.

4. How do we win with a Common card against Legendary and Striker?

The revised rarity multiplier give the lower rarity cards opportunity to win the rewards if they pick the right team. For eg. in the IND vs WI match 50 teams of the top 100 teams were with only Common cards or with 1 rare card.

5. The card’s rarity points were higher in the past, but they are now lower. What is the need to use my higher rarity cards now?

Your higher rarity card will give you a higher multiplier for your team. If you have selected the right team then you will be ranked higher and you will earn higher reward if you have Legendary cards or Striker cards.

6. Where is H2H contest?

We are figuring out the right configurations for the balancing update we have introduced. Once the update is stable and market has adjusted for the same then we will start introducing more contests.

7. Why has there been no solution For 0HP cards till now?

There is a solution for 0HP cards. You can refill the HP and play again. We are not promoting usage of 0HP cards — as our ability to distribute rewards increases if we also earn money to distribute the money. Otherwise the system will not be able to sustain.

8. What are the benefits for new users? Why packs prices have increased after the new update

With the revised update, Common and Rare cards will be able to win rewards from larger pool. Hence, the prices of the packs have been adjusted. However, we are figuring out an approach to make the overall pack formats affordable for the users.

9. 1 HP of a Legendary Card is about Rs.1000. And 1st prize is 750 rupees. There are also no multiple entries in Mini Fantasy now.

We have taken the feedback, and we will try and incorporate the changes as feasible.

10. Why is the win rate so low in some Pro Contest matches?

We’ve looked into the feedback, and we’ll make sure to fix it in the next matches.



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